overall specs

Print Area
8 x 3 inches, no bleeds

4 Color Process
All Pantone/PMS colors are converted to process (no exceptions).

High Resolution Art ONLY
Acceptable formats: PDF, JPG, EPS, AI, PSD, INDD

MAC/PC Compatible
We accept ads and artwork in these programs only. Adobe Creative Suite 6 (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)

unacceptable artwork

  • Artwork less than 300 dpi or not high resolution.
  • Scanned artwork from previously printed pieces (i.e. photos on brochures).
  • Artwork downloaded from a website (RGB, 72 dpi).
  • Artwork/Logos received in MS Word or a word document.

client supplied ads

  • Submit the final version only, otherwise additional fees will be assessed.
  • All files received must be at least 300 dpi—acceptable hi-res formats include: tif, eps, jpg and pdf.
  • All files must be converted to CMYK, including any Pantone colors.
  • Fonts must be provided and the files should be edit-able.
  • If you are providing a high resolution (fonts outlined) PDF—You must submit files for two consecutive mailings. Request the appropriate expiration dates from your sales representative.

artwork transfer methods

Tangible Options

Electronic Transfer Options

  • Please do not send any files via email that are more than 5 MB. If the file is larger than 5 MB, please use/ask for an alternative method of transfer.
  • All logos/artwork provided electronically must be at least 300 dpi and larger than artwork downloaded from websites or low resolution (any dpi less than 300).
  • If an agency is sending a complete ad—please stuff/zip the files (InDesign or Illustrator collected with all artwork and fonts).

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