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We often receive positive feed back from our advertising partners regarding the performance of our direct mail campaign. We're happy to share with you what they have to say. If you are a current advertising partner and would like to be included, please email your kudos to

Our partnership with inside seattle® was fantastic! They understood our market and what we wanted to do and helped us in crafting a targeted and sharp ad. We ran our campaign for 14 months and had over 600 certificates redeemed! This translated into a 5% increase in business (usual return on direct mail is 1/2 to 2%)! As a business owner you want to make sure you will get a positive return for your marketing dollars. With inside seattle®, you will.
Brett Turrell, Owner
The Blue Glass Restaurant
We’re in the second year with the campaign. Our inside seattle® offers keep my customer base from being tempted by the big box stores. My ad also keeps the neighborhood educated regularly about my personalized customer service from ski boot fitting to finding the right bike.
Kyle Fisher, Owner
Alpine Hut
We own and operate a large luxury health club and two hotels. We have a significant marketing budget and inside seattle® is definitely one of our best value campaigns. The team understood our brand and designed an attractive ad that showcases how Olympic Athletic Club stands out among other fitness and wellness options in Seattle. The product helps us reach our Seattle neighbors, especially those nearby our club, and we could not be happier with our results.We see new clients with every mailing and the inside seattle® team is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this program!
Mark Durall, General Manager
Olympic Athletic Club
Working with inside seattle® was so easy. They helped me craft an ad that accomplished exactly what we hoped (and as we intended, over 70% of the over 175 certificates redeemed after the first mailing were from first time visitors). Equally important, they quickly understood our brand and messaging and were able to make the process painless by handling design and copy with speed and understanding.
Nikki Visel, Director of Marketing
Taproot Theater
I was immediately impressed by the presentation of the inside seattle® books. They're attractive, substantial in hand, and it's easy to envision recipients looking through each page. The second thing that impressed me was the quality and types of businesses featured—places that I would patronize, and that attract the same clientele that use our retail framing stores for their picture framing, photo printing and wall art. With nothing comparable in the current market, we eagerly joined the campaign for 2018 in all zones. Looking forward to wonderful results from this great product.
Rocky Martinez, Vice President, Retail & Marketing
Museum Quality Framing

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